Copenhagen Parts, based in Denmark, wanted to create a light for commuters that was different than anything they’d encountered on the market. The lights have a slightly curved magnetic back to snap onto any magnetic surface. The lights turned on once they’re put in place and turn off when un-clipped from the frame.

While I prefer to commute with very bright lights (at least 150 lumens), these lights would make a great conversation starter. They’ll be available for purchase this autumn, but you can pre-order here.

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The company will be launching two distinct versions, the Randonneur and Lode. The Randonneur has a machined aluminium body. The Lode will have a silicone rubber outer and be available in a range of colors. Both use battery-driven LED light sources.

The lens is designed to illuminate from the sides as well as straight-on to increase visibility. Significant testing has been done in order to ensure the lights can be  placed anywhere on the frame without fittings.

The company also sells a pretty sweet integrated handlebar and basket called the Bike Porter. The bars run a little narrow for my tastes, at only 50 cm (roughly 19.5″), I think I’ll stick to my regular bar and rack combo. For those interested, the Bike Porter is available in gold, blue, pink, silver, white, and black.


  1. BBB is right. Really needs to be sliced at a 17 degree angle or so for most bikes. Would work on the front or rear that way, too…

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