bikerumor pic of the day: you got haysed

So the story goes like this: One of Hayes’ sales guys left his bike with their marketing and product managers and road crew at Sea Otter with instructions to ship it home to him. The, um, kids at Hayes invited every other “kid” at Sea Otter to put stickers on it before they boxed it up. People were literally scouring the entire expo for stickers to add to it, with most nearby industry folk aiding the effort. That sales guy got Hayesed and it wasn’t in a good way. More pics after the break.

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This was shortly after putting the bike out in front of their booth. By the end of the day, you couldn’t see the frame.

Poor guy.


  1. I worked at a bike shop a long time ago. There were basically no rules of procedures there. Except one. Don’t mess with an employees bike.

  2. This is a bastard thing to do. If I were him, I’d fire every one of those pigs. His personal bike, doesn’t look like a cheap one. It would be one thing to wrap it in syran wrap of paper or something and then defile it with stickers but truthfully, he is never going to get the remnants off. I would bury the company with hate when I arrived back to work, that or super glued pink slips all over each of their cars, smartphones and other expensive personal items.

  3. @murpes, I know who owns this bike. Not contrived or artificial. They also put his bike, floating on top of his bike box in the Monterrey Bay. Not cool.

  4. We don’t know the relationship between the people at Hayes. It could have all been done in good sport.
    I’ve been working in bike shops for over 15 years and all have had an expected level of “Hayesing.”
    Some of my favorites (feel free to use):
    ~T-Bagging a shifter/grip, taking a picture, and texting it to the person while they were riding the bike
    Drizzle a little fork oil around the wiper, make it run down the fork leg, then make a small puddle under the leg…leaky fork?
    Super glueing a bearing to the inside of a seatpost. At some point the bearing will pop off and rattle around
    Putting a ziptie on the chainstay and trimming it just shy of touching a spoke. When the wheel flexes, the spokes touch the ziptie
    Boiled egg in the downtube of a carbon frame
    Spoke beads on the wheels just before they roll out for a ride that they’re already late for… no time to remove them
    Frequently reprogram their computer… change the language, wheel size, mph to kph..etc
    Oh the fun…

  5. My favorite was taking the little FiziK button off the back of someones saddle, taping a funny message like “I <3 little boys" or "smell me" or "kick me" and placing it back under the saddle, then waiting for the commentary on your next group ride.

  6. Y’all need to chill.
    thats just how it goes, and I would think its safe to say there is more than enough to replace that with in their sample room back home.
    The dude probably didn’t have to pay for anything on that bike, and he won’t have to for the ‘replacement’….if it gets that far.

    You bunch of no-fun havin’ Sallys can stay in your cubicles and stay away from the bike biz please.

  7. Hey. the bike looks like a 26 in. anyway. I heard they are using those as ballast in empty container ships heading back to Asia….good excuse for the chap to upgrade.

  8. I dunno about everyone else, but in our company.. Marketing and Product manager trumps “Sales guy”.. If a snot nose “sales guy” left his bike with me with “instructions to ship it home to him”.. I’d also let the kids do as they please as well.

    I’m sure it’s all in good fun and if he can’t handle it and quits.. well I’m sure there are others in line to take his job. And as others have said.. I’m sure he can have it replaced for next to nothing if necessary.

  9. This is my personal bike and I can promise you it wasn’t planned or a PR stunt. At least with all the stickers no one noticed the prototype items.

    We’re a close knit group so I’m sure I will laugh about it…. eventually. I’m thinking I will bring it back next year and for a donation to IMBA you will be able to add to it. Turning a negative into a positive.

    And yes, a bike case floats even with a bike on it.!/LukeMusselman/status/194098474550165504/photo/1

  10. Sounds like your marketing manager just added a little to his budget. Though I’m sure with a few calls he can get it remedied for you. Sure that’s your only ride…lol…and the cost was worth it just with the amount of people that will laugh at this post.
    I once gave a set of prototypes to a new sales/cs guy and we just blew so much smoke up his butt about how incredibly skilled a rider he was… and that him and only three top FR honchos in the world were on them… He slept with those wheels and a pack of polishing wipes for his first 2 weeks of work…at which point I made him “test” them by letting almost all the air out of the tires and slamming at a good clip into a 6″ curb untill they cracked and folded….I think he cried.

    You should tape the bike to the box and sail it for charity…Ill watch that vid.

  11. Bunch of people riding with no saddles on here. Please steer clear of all bike events so I do not have to deal with your Buzz Killington.

  12. @Hungry4Shht: Well I was pissed at first, but no one is getting fired…

    @off-roadie: Know how boys/girls tease each other in grade school; yes, a sign of affection. We are all friends and this won’t change a thing. Well, maybe the next round of “Hayesings” will….

    @gringo: yes, it’s a 26″ and I actually did pay for most of the non Hayes Components items on it; XTR drive-train and frame. I ride 26″,650b, and 29″ as outside of the US, the overwhelming majority of the MTBs sold are 26″ so we are always looking at ways to develop those products.

    @Mikey D: “Sales guys” don’t get trumped and I actually left it in the truck ready to go so my employee could bring it back. That being said, it was all in good fun and was part of an escalation that took part over the whole Sea Otter.

    @CW: you will have to wait and see. If only it was just the wheels….

  13. Luke wouldnt have the power to fire anyone anyway – he is a real sally that guy, a straight up wuss. I smack him in the back of the head every time I hear that goofy ass Missouri accent….

  14. @ first poster Tom: in my shop days the one rule we did have was employee bikes left in the shop unattended were fair game.

    My favorite was to reroute the brake cables to the derailleurs and shift cables to the brakes. Filling an inner tube (in the tire) with water was another–worked best when they were about to leave and had the bike down (out of the stand so they wouldn’t notice the weight).

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