Moto oriented companies like Dainese and TLD usually make protective gear for sports where the impacts have much more dangerous consequences. That experience shines through when it comes to the fit and finish of their mountain bike oriented line up.

Their products tend to be expensive but many riders swear by their gear, because you can’t put a price on safety.


Both companies were showcasing their line up of thin protective foam armor which is intended to be extremely comfortable and all but disappear under a Jersey. The Dainese version, seen above, is actually a zip up vest which allows the user to wear (or not wear) their elbow guard of choice.

The vest uses a soft foam called Norsorex which Dainese claims has memory retention characteristics, is totally washable, and   highly breathable. The armor is not officially Leat compatible, but is very low profile. MSR is $200 and will be shipping in two weeks.

The back frame of the vest uses three different layers of foam, as well as an aluminum insert, to dissipate impacts over a larger surface area. This piece of armor is also available as a stand alone piece for $100.

The low profile frame shares its heritage with the Dainese back ski protector.

The backframe is secured around the waist by this gigantic kidney belt style Velcro strap for that perfect fit.

These knee pads were first seen at Eurobike 2011 but will soon be available. The top of the line pads use the BOA closure system found on many high end shoes. Instead of buckles or straps the BOA system used a ratcheting spool and stainless steel laces, strategically wrapped around the pad, to tighten the pad into place.

When you’re done riding, simply pull on the tab to release. If you have to ask how expensive they are…then they’re not for you.


TLD also had a soft foam suit of armor on display, which retails for $165, but also sells a vest. The long sleeve shirt uses dual density memory foam pads, which can be removed in order to wash the suit or run a Leat neck brace.

The dual density pads, seen here, are thicker where they need to be.

Also on display were the new mens Moto pants. The pads feature side padding, but they can be removed in order to run the TLD padded undershorts.



  1. It’s good to see Motorbikes brands like Dainese coming to MTB.
    They do know about crashing, impact lesions and stuff.

    I still thinks that any technologies from motorcycles should be given a shot at MTB…

    Brakes, suspensions, helmets…. you name it…

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