Crank Brothers Iodine All Mountain 29er mountain bike wheels

New Iodine 2 and 3 All Mountain 29er wheels. They get a new rim extrusion that’s a bit thinner than their 26″ version because they figure travel will be under 140mm, so they could minimize weight gain. Internal rim width is 21mm.

$950 (1870g) and $640 (1930g). The 2 has a steel freehub versus alloy on the 3. They should be available mid- to late summer. All the usual axle standards will be on offer.



New Speedier Lever tire lever replaces the original Speed Lever, Crank Brother’s original product.

Wanted to make something fix the common problems, the most egregious of which is bloody knuckles from slipped levers when prying off tough tires.


There’s also an “install” side that helps get tires on, and they’ve tested it a lot with beefy downhill tires. Retail is under $10.


What do you think?