Camelbak’s UV-light purifying All Clear water bottle is available now, but all of their stock has been snapped up by REI. Retail is $99 and the bulb should last a lifetime.

Rumor has it they’re expanding their LR (Lumbar) series with a larger reservoir offering. They currently max out at 70 ounces, but there could be a 100oz version sneaking out this summer. We like these because the water weight sits low on the back, but a little more water and storage volume would be nice for the all day rides.

If you’re at Sea Otter, today’s the last day to get in their $5 raffle to win a silver space Mule (Tin Man, officially). It’s signed by Kurt Voreis, Mark Weir, Katie Holden & Eric Porter. Proceeds go to IMBA. Pic of the bag after the break…


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