Given their success with the sexy, comfy, wool Cobra hoodie (reviewed here)- but understanding that not everyone could stomach the price tag, Chrome decided to release a more accessible cotton version.  The wrist pocket and key tether stay, as do the pass-through poacher’s pocket and the cycling-oriented fit.  The thumb holes are gone and with them nearly 40% of the Cobra’s asking price.  After a couple of months’ worth of nonstop use, has the Stock Cobra made a good impression?  Hit the jump to find out…

Where the wool Cobra can feel a bit thin, the Stock Cobra is a substantial piece of clothing.  Heavier than most cotton hoodies, it takes up more space in a bag- but does a better job at keeping the wind at bay.  The heavier fabric also means that it keeps its shape better and that the hood doesn’t pull the metal zip uncomfortably against my massive Adam’s apple like the merino version’s can.

Though I never really noticed using the wool Cobra’s thumb holes, I immediately noticed that they were missing from the Stock Cobra- something that should be reasonably easy to add if Chrome saw the demand.  Possibly owing to the more substantial fabric, the medium Stock Cobra is also somewhat less fitted than the original.  It’s by no means baggy, but most riders will prefer one fit or the other.

Even at $60 less than the Cobra, the Stock Cobra’s $100 price tag can be a bit tough to swallow.  I do prefer it, though.  While the Cobra fits my frame a bit better, the Stock Cobra feels better able to handle daily use and keeps me noticeably warmer on the bike and breezy nights.  It’s noticeably better made and more substantial than $50 hoodies- and the cycling-oriented fit is hard for us skinny guys to beat.  The fact that it’s so quickly become my favorite and gets worn so much does make the price easier to bear.


photos courtesy Kip Malone – Photographer


  1. It’s substantially noticeable how much you like the words substance/substantially and notice/noticeable. But, the stock Cobra is a substantially noticeably nice piece of kit, so you’re forgiven!

  2. Brandon-

    I’m glad you noticed! Unlike some other outlets, we try really try to inject a bit of substance into our reviews.


  3. Jeff,

    That’s a medium. I’m 6’0 and ~145lb and it fits well- though the standard (Merino) Cobra fits me a bit better. The Stock is much more substantial and far from baggy, though.


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