At this point, everyone should be pretty familiar with Road ID thanks to the humorous commercials featuring Bobke and a host of cycling celebrities. If not, the company is founded on a brilliantly simple idea – comfortable, fashionable identification that is easily accessible by emergency responders in the case of emergency. I’m ashamed to admit that I have yet to purchase one, even with the company basically in my back yard, but it’s on the list.

Also on my list, but not for me, is one of their newest product, the Scout ID. While not necessarily cycling related, there are a lot of mountain bikers (myself included) that ride with their furry friends who could use an improved ID tag. It seems like the Scout ID would be less likely to snag on branches, or interfere with leashes. Based on how many tags my dog Joey has lost, I’m thinking that could be a good thing. If your trail dog could use a new bit of kit, jump on over to Road ID and order it up!


  1. I hate to say but all my family including support crew dog Jessie have one. As we live in Geneva all including the dog’s make it clear we probably aren’t going to be using cogent French if hit by a car.

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