Earlier today, photos of Brendan Fairclough’s new 4x race rig were released, and many sharp eyed commenters enviously noted the brand new Shimano Saint components adorning his bike. Some of the items were spotted before and had the expected trickle down from XTR and XT, plus a few surprises…and we’d love to show them to you, but apparently there’s an embargo floating around that we were just made aware of.

So, if you were lucky enough to catch the images, you already know too much. If you didn’t, you’ll know a lot more when we get all the official specs and details tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. Stay tuned…

(photo originally found on Dirt Rag, but they’ve pulled the other images, too)


  1. You wont be pleasing the guys at Shimano with this, not officially released until tomorrow. Good way to uin the suprise with only half the information!

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