Nestled amongst this veritable garden of black and purple Teva’s was a pure gem – a yet to be released hightop. I’m a sucker for the extra protection against rolled ankles offered by hightops, so this new mid-length option is a welcome sight. Interested in how they feel? Check out Zach’s first impressions of the low tops here.

Also on display was a new, all black, colorway for the low top Teva Link. The muted color schemes of these two new kicks are a welcome break from the frequently flashy offerings from other firms.

Pictures after the break…

New High Top in Black

Low Tops in New Black Colorway 



  1. What is with these shoe companies and bike shoes? Neon purple, teal green, etc.
    Last year I tried on a ton of shoes at a LBS. The most comfortable set of shoes (not Tevas) were bright red with shiny metallic silver. I didn’t buy them as I wasn’t looking to wear Captain Eo/Michael Jackson tribute shoes while riding.

    Shoe companies PLEASE! Make us shoes in more natural/neutral colors and watch your sales skyrocket!

  2. Oh, and I might add, a close reading of the article, and a quick look at the last picture, will demonstrate that Teva has put out an all black shoe. Can’t get more neutral than that.

  3. @trestlehed – I hear you about the flashy colors. Take a look at the Teva Pinner, same features as the Link except no mesh or waterproofing, but come in very muted earthtones – and they’re cheaper. You could try a weather-resistant spray on the Pinner. Also, the new low top Link pictured at the very bottom is all-black, no teal trim. I’m hoping the high top Link will also come in all black, no teal trim.

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