3T’s new Zefiro bar combines their Mistral’s aero flat tops, Ergonova bend drops and Pi wing extension into a Frankenstein’s monster of an aero handlebar.

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PRESS RELEASE: ZEFIRO is a road and TT proposal and unites power and control.

The ZEFIRO basebar combines Mistral’s aero wing with Ergonova bends.

Plus, it presents our unique Pi WingTM bar extension that is in length adjustable and it is equipped with an hands support that has an aero and extremely ergonomic shape.
The rider’s forearms rest on silicon pads on the basebar’s upper surface, while hands and wrists fall into a natural position on the aerofoil handrest.
ZEFIRO provides comfort for solo efforts and control for sprinting and climbing, perfect for century, sportive, and short-course triathlon riders. It is available in three versions LTD, PRO and TEAM, in high modulus carbon fiber.

The Pi Wing can be swapped out for full-length extensions and is also available separately.


  1. looks like an indy race car

    whats next a wing on the back to keep the rear tire down like the “fast and furious” cars?

  2. I bet this bar would make invisible aerobats way more comfortable. Not like I can afford it, but is it road race legal if the extension is removed?

  3. These may actually make sense in ultra-marathon type events beyond 100 miles, where a full TT position is too uncomfortable for the full distance, but an aerobar extension can still help both speed and comfort. Think Furnace Creek 508 or similar.

  4. awwwh helllz yea been wantin a spoiler for my mongoos for yeras gonna rock that to the mall and back have eryone all starin’!

  5. I have the previous version on my S5. I don’t like the changes they’ve made especially since the socket heads are now sticking out. In the old version those were enclosed in a teardrop shaped piece of plastic. I must admit I don’t really like the looks of it on my bike (with the PI-wing detached it’s OK), but I do like the handling, ergonomics, feel, drop, amount of handpositions and the amount of control you have over your bike when sitting tucked in the aero-position, etc.

  6. I think it looks AWESOME! I do a lot of long distance riding and I think this is perfect! Going on my new EVO!

  7. I have these handlebars on Cervelo S5. They are not aero bars but rather road bars with an additional option for hand position. Traditional aero bars have you resting your elbows on the pads. These bars have you back in your saddle with your distant forearms on the flats and your hands grabbing the pi. It puts you in a very aggressive aero position with your hands and elbows tucked close to your body. You also have really good control of the front wheel of the bike while holding onto the pi. Yes, it gets funny looks, but so does the Cervelo. What doesn’t get funny looks is being really fast. Aero is faster, in a road bike or a tri bike.

  8. I think they look pretty darn cool. And the additional option of riding it in a different form from the traditional road bike style would definitely benefit century riders. Also, group riders cant complain cause you’ll just switch over to the road bike handle during group rides. If it wasnt soo expensive, I would be all over it and I assume everybody else would be as well.

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