If you’re the kind of rider who pays attention to the most minute details when customizing a bike, look no further than these awesome anodized tubeless valves to put your build over the top. The valves are suitable for almost any tubeless set up, but work best with Duke and ZTR rims. They are available in red, blue, green, orange, silver, black, and gold, and come with a black  or silver anodized nut.

These trick valves weigh 4.8 grams (w/ cap), and Duke claims this product is 36% lighter than competitors models, which weigh roughly 7.5 g.

Rumor has it rotational weight is the best place to shed grams, but everyone knows ano bling trumps all, expect this product to add an additional 2HP to any stead.

 “The valve comes with a tool to remove the inner valve for easy inflation and cleaning. while the rubber base ensures a perfect seal by simply tightening the nut by hand (which compresses the rubber against the bottom of the rim), without using an addition seal. The nut itself is of higher quality than those found on other manufacturers products to facilitate clamping.” – Duke

From left to right. 31.5 mm, 1.2 g. 41.5 mm, 1.8g. 70 mm, 3.7 g.

Lightweight valve extenders are also available for those of you with aero wheels. These are only available in the anodized black pictured.

Duke is also currently in the late stages of developing a new carbon 29r rim. More details as they come in.


  1. I’m no weight weenie, but this red valve would make a great replacement for crappy stock short valve that came with Racing Zero. Thanks Duke!

  2. “…Stan’s ZTR Rims have really broad bead seats, and the O-ring is too “fat” around–might work if you really squish it on it, but I wouldn’t do that.”

    The AM Classic stems have worked fine for me with Crest rims. No problems. More choices and more colors are nice.

  3. It may have been a one time thing (I hope) but I had a AC valve stem break apart while adding air via CO2 cartridge. Just snapped and made for a long walk back to the car.

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