Rebolledo focuses on steel road, track and cyclocross bikes. They’re pretty straightforward with classic paint schemes, which is sometimes a refreshing break from the matte carbon or over the top things we saw.

More from Steve Potts, Steve Rex, Twinsix and Zullo below…


Steve Potts is one of the original Repack group of mountain bike pioneers, and one of the few from the heyday that still builds his own frames.


Steve Rex celebrates his 25th year of building bikes this year.

Love the smooth internal cable ports!


Zullo is an Italian builder who started out making frames in steel and carbon. He continues to build some steel bikes but spends more time designing and painting the frames these days.


Twinsix had a few fresh jerseys, like the retro one above, and a few new T-shirts. One of the coolest things were the cycling caps made from scrap jersey material. What you saw was what you got, and if you see one that matches a jersey you’ve got, you better grab it quick!


  1. @ Chris: Steve brought an old bike to the show. As far as I understand it was one of the earlier bikes he built. It came with the original parts spec including the Rollercam brake he designed with Charlie Cunningham!

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