Foundry Cycles is hooking up five people with a new bike for the season, which they’ll get to use to both test it and spread the word about the brand. From their email:

“Foundry Cycles search for 5 Trades(wo)men continues. After pouring over more than 300 applications the field has been narrowed to just 15. With three people in each of 5 regions every vote counts. That’s right, Foundry is letting the cycling community choose the final 5 people who will go on to win the Foundry of their choice. Help someone win by casting your votes – 1 per region.”

Our buddy Stephen Janes over at Trips for Kids Asheville is one of the finalists. We don’t want to play favorites, but anything that helps get more kids outdoors and riding is good, and every little bit helps him further the cause. Check out all the contenders here and make your vote.


  1. And who are the little girls to look up to once cycling catches their heart? I am one-thousand percent in favor of kids on bikes (no matter their age.) But some of those kids are female, and they need to see that their is a place in cycling for them too. It’s not just something that boys can do or excel at. I too am a finalist, and I will always push for female cyclists. Winning this competition will not only serve as a means to promote Foundry as a no-frills creator of carbon bikes, it will show that there is a place for us (women) too. Out of more than 300 hundred applicants, only three women made it to the final fifteen. What is that saying to the girls who fall in love with cycling through a Saturday Trips for Kids trail ride?

  2. And who are the little girls to look up to once cycling catches their heart? I currently work with more female volunteers than male volunteers. Here in Asheville we have a large community that is into all different aspects of cycling and fitness. We are always looking for volunteers, but again, most of our volunteers are women. We also have an elite women’s cycling team whose members are involved. No shortage of female role models here: Thanks Asheville!!

  3. Stephen, that’s great. Please continue doing what you do. I’m glad Asheville has a strong base of women who are willing to share their time and passion–more women than men–in a volunteer role. Men are typically behind women when it comes to volunteering. I’m an Americorps Alum, and have also worked for Citizen Schools here in Charlotte. We were always looking for men to fill the volunteer role. The paid and more visible positions however, were certainly not lacking male representation.

  4. Sorry, didn’t mean to come across as lacking in male volunteers, because we certainly have plenty of those as well. Just wanted you to know that the girls in Asheville have plenty of cycling role models… as do the boys!! Good stuff.

  5. Thanks for getting the word out BikeRumor! We’re big Trips for Kids fans up here in the bay area, cool to see one of my SE counterparts is so involved with them!

    It’s exciting to be nominated given the strong competitors Foundry has chosen — best of luck to everyone on the list!. 🙂

  6. I’m Cat, and I am also one of the finalists. One of the three women, and in the Midwest region. I just want to say that it’s never too late to pick up cycling. I did it at the tender age of (gasp) 50, and now I am riding and racing road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes-and winning! Don’t be intimidated by the large numbers of guys in cycling or that you didn’t start early enough. Pick up a bike at any age, and start pedaling. You will never realize what you are missing unless you give it a try!
    And I would love it if you would vote for me of course. 🙂

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