wahoo fitness BlueSC smart Bluetooth 4 wireless cycling speed cadence sensor for iPhone 4s training app

Wahoo Fitness announced their new “smart” Bluetooth 4.0 sensors last November, and now Engadget’s got a close up look at them.

It’s called BlueSC, which we’re assuming means Bluetooth Speed Cadence. Unlike their original system that used ANT+, which required a dongle attached to the iPhone, these new parts work on the latest Bluetooth standard. What you see above is a chainstay mounted speed + cadence sensor, spoke magnet and a pretty elegant solution to a crank arm magnet to measure cadence. It appears to be a magnet housed in a stretchy loop that slides over your crank arm rather than relying on zip ties or glue.

No official word on pricing or availability yet.


  1. That cadence magnet is Bontrager made. 8 bucks at your LBS. You can see the triple stripes Bontrager uses in their design too. It is a good cadence sensor as long as your foot alignment is clean.

  2. This should also work with the latest android phones that support BT 4.0. Assuming this since the BlueHR strap works with android.

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