LapelEau Hydration Pack Tube Reel

For $12, a solution has been provided for that dangly hose – LapelEau. A retractable reel keeps the hydration backpack’s water hose in place when it’s not being utilized. That sure beats using Velcro. Originally featured only on the Showers Pass VelEau pack, they made the LepelEau system universal and purchasable on its own. The idea of this device has literally been sitting on most of our chests for a while, in the form of magnetic employee badges.

“The unique patent-pending VelEau reels are made in the USA by the original inventors and manufacturers of the classic badge reel used for decades to secure employee badges, key rings, bottle openers, and fishing gear. To keep the drinking tube from flopping around on your pack we added rare earth neodymium ring magnets on the tube clip providing just enough retention force to keep tube where you want it.”

Grab it here.


  1. That is what bottles are for. Not stupid dangling hoses.

    If you need more water than in a bottle, plastic refill bottle in the pack works fine.

  2. I like the Osprey magnets on their hydration packs but a third possibility was talked about on

    Source Outdoors Magnetic Clip
    by Source Outdoors

    Even though the Amazon link shows the product is presently unavailable, it still might be somewhere else. With the magnets there is no un-clipping to take the hydration bladder out of the pack. I have purchased extra Osprey strap magnets for use of their hydration bladders in non-Osprey packs.

    But any device that retains the hose is an improvement and the stretch cable also has it’s advantages too.

  3. “That is what bottles are for. Not stupid dangling hoses.”

    You’re joking? What’s easier to drink from while riding on the trails? Think about it. Also, ever have your water bottles covered with dirt, mud, squirrel feces, while riding?

    “If you need more water than in a bottle, plastic refill bottle in the pack works fine.”

    Yeah, perfect, especially for those long, endurance rides.

    Now, haters don’t even like hydration backpacks.

  4. On their site it’s states “These are strong magnets. Keep them away from cell phones, credit cards, and electronics!”. Isn’t that a major pain?

  5. Great idea. Just bought one after seeing this.
    I am anti-hydropak for most XC type riding I do up to 3-4 hours. But I do use my hydration pak for lots of other stuff; hiking etc… The hose has always been a issue, flopping around during use or especially when you take the pack off to lay it down the hose will always hit the dirt unless you’re careful. I’d always cut my hose just short enough to be usable to keep my hose from flopping all over the place ; )

  6. @Dicky, lol!

    I really dig the Hydrpack magnetic system. Having constant pressure on the hose from this device might be irritating when drinking from the hose without holding it.

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