ENVE Composites has just increased their standard warranty period to five years from the date of purchase, up from the original two.

“We have reviewed the data and we are so confident in the product that we are manufacturing that we have decided to revise our existing warranty policy and upgrade it to a five-year warranty as opposed to the industry standard of two-years,” said Jake Pantone, their marketing manager. “This new warranty policy will complement our existing Lifetime Crash Replacement policy as well as reinforce to the consumer that we believe in our product.”

The warranty only covers their parts, not ancillary items like spokes, hubs, etc., that may be attached to them, but it’s a solid show of confidence. For frame builders using their tubes and other parts, the warranty remains at two years.


  1. Should they have done five years of lab and real world testing prior to releasing product?

    The internet is odd. A company steps up and says that after many thousands of hours of real world experience we are going to offer a much better warranty. Then people complain ^^^

  2. I like the Osprey magnets on their hydration packs but a third possibility was talked about on


    Source Outdoors Magnetic Clip
    by Source Outdoors

    Even though the Amazon link shows the product is presently unavailable, it still might be somewhere else. With the magnets there is no un-clipping to take the hydration bladder out of the pack. I have purchased extra Osprey strap magnets for use of their hydration bladders in non-Osprey packs.

    But any device that retains the hose is an improvement and the stretch cable also has it’s advantages too.

  3. they are confident in their product, and it is a good swing to keep people buying their stuff. they are on a roll, they gotta keep it going! …or they simply saw that their World Cup DH riders couldn’t even break their stuff

  4. i guess their wheels are bomb proof.but what i heard that their seat post an stem are complete garbage. and warranty on components takes forever to get replacmnts.

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