Tyler McCaul had an injury prone 2011. In the course of one season he managed to break his back, thumb, and collarbone, in addition to tearing ligaments in his ankle and knee. Despite the many setbacks  he maintained a remarkable degree of composure and managed to compile enough bangers for this steeze ridden edit.

We wish him the best of luck in 2012!



  1. When I see clips/videos of this style of riding, I think “Just a bunch of cats messing around on bikes. This isn’t bicycling.” Downhillers and BMX racers pedal more than these guys. They should just affix the crankarms to the BB shell and save the weight of having a chainring, chain, and cog/freewheel system. They are already just using one brake…evolution. 26″ wheel SKUUTs!

  2. these “cats” can pedal just fine and tear up more than their fair share of mountains. they just know what to do when they hit a kicker and boost. let’s face it ground speed involves lift at some point.

  3. DorkaDorka: Bicycling: “Cycling, also called bicycling or biking, is the use of bicycles for transport, recreation, or for sport.”
    Sounds like it fits to me. Luckily its not up to you or me as to what constitutes what bicycling is or is not. Dude, just stop thinking, go ride you bike and enjoy yourself.

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