2013 Raleigh commuter road bike with Alfine Di2 electronic internal gear hub

A (very reliable) little birdie clued us in that this Alfine-badged test bike is actually a brand new Raleigh road bike-style commuter coming for 2013. Spotted on Cool Hunting (image credit goes to them) in their overview of the new Alfine Di2, the frame looks suspiciously similar to their Cadence performance hybrid bike.

The new Alfine Di2 is slated to be available this fall, lining up perfectly with the “normal” schedule of releases for next year’s bikes.


  1. That is a super cool bike. While I find drops aren’t very appropriate to urban commuting, I think that would be a ton of fun for cyclocross, light touring, or general riding. I can’t see that costing any less than $2000, though…

  2. Not a new Raleigh model, it’s a Shimano Alfine Di2 press bike. Not hydro brakes, they’re inline BR-505. It’s a great bike, the Alfine Di2 system shifts nicely and it will indeed open the possibility for a whole host touring, commuting (flat handlebar shifters will also be available), urban, general riding bike options.

  3. Agree this is a super cool bike. Love the idea of a “clean” bike but with gears. Of course I would add fenders and a dynohub to really make it a perfect commuter. Sadly, do suspect it’s going to be out of my price range.

  4. Just needs fenders and a dyno hub for lights and you’d have the perfect commuter. Maybe that will be a model option.

    @Androo: I prefer drops for commuting. Multiple hand positions and narrow (generally, compared to something more upright) for dealing traffic, but to each his own.

  5. This thing is ugly! If this is where bikes are going, please stop the train and let me off. Looks like it was made for the middle aged, male, commuter. It reeks of safe and sensible!!

  6. The Raleigh model is called the CADENT, not the Cadence. Also, the line of alloy Revenio bikes use a nearly identical frame, so it may be based on those.

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