new 3T Ventus II carbon fiber aero handlebars

3T has just unveiled two revised aerobars, the Ventus II and ultra narrow Brezza Nano.

The Ventus II gets 15% lighter than the original. The revised base bar has shaped recesses for the arm rests to keep them from rotating out of line, and the handhold shape is modified and gets new grips to prevent slip.

The Brezza Nano, shown behind the jump, is just 30cm wide and is aimed at triathletes who typically don’t get out of the aero position after exiting T1. 3T’s engineers found that the narrower width was more aero (obviously) and that any extra width normally helpful for leverage when cranking out of the saddle simply wasn’t necessary in triathlon applications. The result is a lighter, more aero bar that’s purpose built.

UPDATE: Just got pricing and weights:

  • Weights: Ventus II 730g; Brezza Nano 430g
  • Prices: Ventus II LTD from $1.199,99; Brezza Nano LTD from $899,99

Both bars get wiring ports to add Di2 compatibility, too.

new 3T Brezza Nano ultra narrow carbon fiber aero bars for triathlon


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    Question though: Where do the action figures go?

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