Rapha GT Shoe Black

Rapha has always been immersed in the performance bike market, with clothing and accessories. Now, they have some snazzy shoes, available in April. The Rapha Grand Tour Shoe is made from a full Yak upper, the first shoes in the industry to use this material. Yak leather is lightweight & water resistant, and boasts three times the tensile strength of cow leather. The sole is a 6.5mm thick Easton brand unidirectional carbon. Leather straps, a machined aluminum buckle with titanium D rings secure the feet. Rapha went with a cork footbed that molds to your foot over time and provide with the shoes three different arch supports.

From their material: The Rapha Grand Tour shoes will be available on April 10, 2012 in European sizes 39 to 48 (whole and half with the exception of 47.5) and priced $450 / £350 / €360. The shoes are delivered in individual shoe bags and with after care cream developed specially for Ecco leathers. US made cedar shoe trees are also available separately. The shoes can be purchased exclusively from www.rapha.cc , www.giro.com and select Rapha retail partners.

Click through the break to see the Rapha shoe in white along with a ‘this Friday only’ sale on TwinSix Yeti Betty Shirts…

Rapha GT WhiteYeti Beti Yeti Shirt Rear

In support of the Yeti Beti women’s mountain bike team, Twin Six is offering a line of shirts on pre-order today. Sales support the Beti Bike Bash event, an all women race. Pricing is $24 S-XXL. Shirts available for both women and men.


• Shirts will ship the first week of April
• Black T-shirt
• Red and White Graphic
• 100% Super Soft Cotton
• Made in the U.S.A

Check out the Yeti Beti race and scheduling here.




  1. The superior strength of yak hide has long been known to the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen. “Our saddle sores are the best.”

  2. The rest of the comments that come in are undoubtably going to be about cost, much like all posts regarding Rapha. That said, I will say these shoes look AMAZING.

  3. Replaceable heel pads?

    Without those, forget it… not throwing my shoes out when they wear down
    (currently a Sidi user)

    I don’t think the price is out of line with _ every other high-end shoe_ on the market.

  4. I agree that people will complain about the cost, but these have the durability to last 10+ years if taken care of. I will be picking a pair up to replace my 2002 Sidi Energy shoes that I have worn every season since then!

  5. Rapha is the J.Peterman of cycling. I would love to write copy for them.

    “The misty mountains stretch before my eyes as I feel the high tensile strength of my 100% yak leather upper give no inch, give no quarter as my sinews torque and thrust my cranks around their pivot point in synergy, man attached to machine. From the machined aluminum buckle not a creak or groan, even though my lactic threshold is further off than the summit of this, my queen stage. My only lament, is that the titanium D-rings offer me no grams, no advantage in my post summit descent and so I must rely on whit and skill alone. Man, married to machine through advantages no cow can bequeath, oh no. Nay friends, for this performance…for this…this…power, you must turn to the yak. You must turn, to Rapha.”

  6. Perhaps @Robin2 is left in wont for mention of a 6.5mm thick Easton brand unidirectional carbon sole, providing torque and stiffness underneath a footbed of fine cork that, if given time, will mold to your foot @Robin2. Then, like the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker, for you and you only @Robin2! Yet these shoes need not pass from a father lost to the darkside to a son who never knew family, never knew yak leather, knew…only… the womprat, these fine foot functional, sport specific coverings can be yours @Robin2 with little more requirement than a debit card and a penchant for the richness that can only be delivered with minimal branding, and maximum pomp.

  7. Yeah, price is so outrageously expensive.

    But damn they’re so sexy!
    (same can be said of rest of Rapha line and also Brooks)

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