Santa Cruz Bicycles has finally finished their Custom Color Choice Program (CCCP) after a long, long development cycle. The fruit of their programmer’s labor, besides high blood pressure and stress lines, is that you can now customize the look of your Jackal, Chameleon, Highball, Blur LT, Tallboy and Nomad by choosing paint color, gloss or satin finish, decal design and decal colors.

Santa Cruz paints all of their alloy bikes in house, so this only applies to non-carbon models since they use a powdercoat process. As new alloy models are introduced, they’ll be added to the program, hopefully the new Superlight 29 gets thrown into the mix. Once you’re done tricking out your ride with the Bike Builder and making it pretty, they’ve added social features to let you share your dream bike with your sweetie. You know, in case they need ideas.

Pick your frame and component selections, then start playing with paint.

Then choose your logo style and color. And if you’re out and about, their Bike Builder has been updated to work on iOS and other mobile devices.


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