Louis Garneau energy gel sports nutrition line

Not gonna lie here. First, I thought gel inserts for shoes. Then I thought early April Fools. But no, Louis Garneau is entering the sports nutrition category.

Branding themselves as the complete solution for cyclists, they already offer everything you need to wear from toes to head. Now they’re getting your insides taken care of, too, starting with an energy gel. The lineup claims to have mild flavors, good since everything tastes sweeter and stronger during hard exercise, along with all the essentials like carbs and electrolytes. And the flavors sound pretty good, too. Squeeze past the break for details…

PRESS RELEASE: Louis Garneau, known to the cycling industry as the cycling solution, launches a new product line today known as Garneau Nutrition. Six flavors of energy gel will hit the market as the debut of this product line with an electrolyte sports drink and more nutritional products to follow in the near future.

LG Gel is made with natural ingredients and an optimum blend of complex carbohydrates, electrolytes, and antioxidants needed to meet the nutritional demands of athletes during racing and training.

Foremost, LG Gel tastes great and is available in six flavors, including Citrus, Concord Grape-Apple, Goji-Blueberry, Strawberry-Dragonfruit, Tropical Fruit, and Wildberry Pomegranate. Unlike other energy gels, LG Energy Gel contains real fruit juice which gives it a clean, simple, and natural taste with no chemical, bitter, or harsh after-taste. During intense workouts, taste is intensified; therefore, the flavors have been specially formulated to appeal to athletes of all abilities. In addition, the consistency of the gel makes it easy to swallow with or without water and allows for easy digestion.

We’ve perfected the packaging after two years in development (patent pending). The packaging is designed for a quick, no-struggle opening on the bike or during the run with a hole-punched tab for fingers to grip. The gel control spout allows the user to control the flow to the mouth and eliminates mess. The gel can easily be opened while in motion and the opening easily dispenses either directly to the mouth or in the waterbottle. Gel also stores perfectly in back pockets. The hole-punched tab will also be integrated to other products currently in development including bags and accessories.

“During my cycling career, nutrition always played a vital role in my success. As a cycling company, we work with athletes on a daily basis and therefore, had the desire to provide them with products essential for their training and racing. The launch of LG Energy will allow us to continue to be the cycling solution,” remarks Founder and President, Louis Garneau.

Each gel packet is a serving size of 41 g and contains 100 calories with 25 grams of complex carbohydrates for quick absorption and increased long-term energy output and just 4 grams of simple sugars that make it easy to digest. Two Key Electrolytes (sodium and potassium) assist in rehydration and replenish electrolytes lost from perspiration. LG Gel contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners and delivers 100% DV of antioxidant vitamins C & E which help reduce muscle soreness and aid in recovery. Two flavors, Citrus and Tropical Fruit, are caffeinated. Citrus has 50mg of caffeine or roughly the equivalent of a single shot of espresso and Tropical Fruit has 25mg of caffeine.


  1. “Citrus, Concord Grape-Apple, Goji-Blueberry, Strawberry-Dragonfruit, Tropical Fruit, and Wildberry Pomegranate!” Jeez what ever happened to a Mars bar and a banana?

  2. You would think, during the 2 year development of the packaging, that they might have adopted the method already used by the Clif Bar Company (for its Clif Shot Energy Gel) to attach the top of the sachet to the main body. That way, when you ripped the top off to eat the stuff, the top would remain attached to the sachet instead of ending up littering the roadside. Sorry LG, the gel itself may be excellent, but I have to mark the packaging as a fail.

  3. I think the other commenters are mising the point of the loop – it’s to attach to a clip so you can just grab the gel and tear the body from the tab – opening it at the same time. The tab would stay attached to the bike or clip, so it wouldn’t litter, assuming the rider is thoughtful enough to stick the empty gel pack in their pocket. Good idea if it is executed properly.

  4. Brilliant LG take your reputation for making cycling clothing and spend “two years” of development time to enter the crowded nutrition market with an also-ran gel.

    I might pick some up, they are already collector’s items.

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