2013 NeilPryde Bura SL lightweight road bike

NeilPryde has just announced their new lightweight road bike, the Bura SL.

Designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing stiffness, the Bura SL is aimed at the performance end of the spectrum and climbers in particular. Fortunately, there are a few concessions to comfort, too.

NeilPryde says they looked at many other lightweight bikes and noticed bottom bracket and headtube stiffness were sometimes compromised to drop grams. To remedy this, they designed the Bura SL with massive chainstays and heavily shaped tubes with internal rib reinforcements. The seat tube is slightly asymmetric to give it the most surface contact area with the BB, too. To save weight, the PFBB30 shell and headtube are all molded carbon without any metal inserts or cups. The cable stops are machined carbon, and the dropouts are full carbon fiber, too.

2013 NeilPryde Bura SL lightweight road bike

The result is a pretty good looking bike that, while not the lightest road bike frame we’ve seen, comes in at a respectable 750g max (claimed) for a Large.

2013 NeilPryde Bura SL lightweight road bike

Thin seatstays give it a bit of compliance over the rough stuff.

2013 NeilPryde Bura SL lightweight road bike

A recessed seatpost bolt keeps things super clean and smooth. An external reinforcement bridge bolsters the headtube and seat/toptube junctions.

Pricing and builds are TBD. It’s been tested by and should find its way under the United Healthcare pro team this year.



  1. @Meta
    “They’re going to ruin it an release one fork rake across all models!”

    How would that ruin it? Rake and trail are functions related to the size of the wheel and not the size of the frame. If they had 650b’s on there, then yes, they should change the rake, but if all bikes use 700c wheels, then leaving the rake alone is the right call.

  2. @cw

    I have to give credit to Cannondale with their ultimate builds. Why build a 750g bike with carbon cups and inserts and then load it with Dura-Ace and PF adaptors. I’m going to end up running Dura-Ace because I still prefer it over SRAM or Campy, but for demonstration purposes go all out. THM Cavicula/Rotor/K-Force crank, ee or Ciamillo brakes, SRAM red group.

    ENVE wheels were a nice touch.

  3. The twelve year old in me has been wanting to say this every time I see this name…

    Neilpryde? More like Gaypryde.

    But seriously, this looks like another average carbon frameset fetching a premium price. What’s new in the layup? How much of what we see is just a mess of resin/bondo covered in black paint?

  4. I went to TdF last year and Gourmet Cycling Tour had a fleet of NeilPryde Alize for us. I love those bikes! Beautiful to look at and solid performers. The frame was matched with Ultegra parts; I think Dura Ace would have brought more of the bike out and I wished for at least Zipp 303, Enve would be better. However, the bikes were flawless on the down hills (flying down Galibier 45mph with 30k to 50k riders behind me), gearings on the uphills were a little taller than what I am used to but power transfer gave me plenty of gas.

    I didn’t end up buying 1 because I already ordered another bike and my funds were limited.

    However, the Bura SL is a sharp looking frame; love the lines on that bike. I am hoping the Bura will be layered up with high quality carbon because I sure like to have one in my garage. Please tell me the Bura SL comes in red!

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