Bontrager RXL Hilo triathlon cycling shoe for men

Bontrager has just released their latest triathlon-specific cycling shoe, the RXL Hilo. It’s got their Silver Series carbon sole built around their InForm last shaping. The footbed is perforated to help it dry quickly and keep your feet aired out.

A massive heel loop makes it easier to pull them on when coasting out of T1, and the upper strap is designed not to pull through the hardware, so you can prop it wide open without fear of pulling the strap out when cramming your foot in. On the medial side, there’s a rubber band anchor to help you keep them flat during entry.

MSRP is $179.99, weight is approximately 225g per shoe (size 42) and they’re available in men’s (above) and women’s (after the break) in a decent range of sizes.

Bontrager RXL Hilo triathlon cycling shoe for women


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