TRP HyWire HydraulIc Road Brake Levers with Di2 Buttons

Fresh from the Taipei show comes TRP’s new HyWire hydraulic brake lever for road bike or cyclocross drop bars, and they’ve got integrated Di2 buttons.

Retail will be $599 when they come out, but when exactly that will be and other details are forthcoming. For now, enjoy the pics…

TRP HyWire HydraulIc Road Brake Levers with Di2 Buttons

From the front, they’re wildly bent for ergonomics, which looks like it provides easy grabs from both the drops and the hoods.

TRP HyWire HydraulIc Road Brake Levers with Di2 Buttons

TRP HyWire HydraulIc Road Brake Levers with Di2 Buttons


  1. Looks slick.

    I know that Di2 is the easiest to package because they can put the hydraulic cylinder where the mechanical bits used to be, but I am looking forward to the day that hydraulic levers with mechanical shifting come out…

  2. curious to know if you can move the bottons up or down and how it feels… looks i found something i want for my next cross bike….hope they bleed easy

  3. The question is if this will work with new dura ace & ultegra di2?
    The old dura ace di2 was a “dumb” system – easy to fiddle as seen from fairwheel-bikes, but the new groups have BUS communication if i recall that right which makes fiddling more challenging.
    Any toughts guys?

  4. Wicked shape. Obviously on a Stevens bike for CX first, but did anyone notice what looks like a Volagi (bow tt/stays) in the blurry background?

    And I definitely agree, eventually, I would prefer mech shifting and hydro brakes (integrated). I wonder if there will be enough demand.

  5. New Di2 has circuitry to prevent hacking from what I gather…huge mistake on Shimano’s behalf IMO. Go open source and let the smart kids play with the stuff. It’s free R&D.

    These things look like they just glued a set of climbing buttons to an ugly drop bar lever…nothing really revolutionary here. Definitely a prototype.

    I agree, mechanical shifting and hydro brakes would be great, but everyone is jumping on the electronic bandwagon pretty hard so I doubt we’ll be lucky enough to see them anytime soon : (

  6. Additionally, HOLY HELL look at the reach on those levers…not only does it look nasty, it’s a bitch to fit for a safe hands-on-the-hoods riding position. With everyone going to more compact handlebar shapes, it seems ignorant to design a super long reach brake lever that negates the benefits of the shorter bar reach.

  7. Looks a little rough and raw to me. I doubt this is the final product. Aesthetics are certainly personal, that said, i think the lever bend looks way clunky. I’m curious to try though…

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