model year 2013 Rockshox suspension forks get updated graphics
Last year, Rockshox announced the SID 29er as well as a new chassis for the 26″ SID, Dual Position Air, Motion Control DNA, RCT3 controls and the Monarch XX rear shock.

For model year 2013, they’re unveiling -wait for it- an updated graphics scheme! OK, that’s just the beginning…but it’s all they’ll tell us for now. It’s also pretty good as it gives the brand a more cohesive look. All forks will get some colored version of the layout shown above. Rockshox’s logo will be prominently displayed on the outer edges with the model name on the inside left leg and at the top of the brake arch. Aftermarket forks will have colors, OEM models will be either black on white or white on black, unless the bike manufacturer requests a custom color combo.

model year 2013 Rockshox suspension forks get updated graphics

Will there be any major new products or updates this year?

“There’s a really good chance of that,” said marketing manager Tyler Morland.

No word on when, exactly. Stay tuned. As for these graphics, they’ll start showing up on their racer’s bikes soon, but likely won’t be out in the wild until May at the earliest. Which means they could be showing something new at Sea Otter in April.


  1. Hey TMZ,I mean BR, thanks for the critical update. In typical mountain biker fashion, it’s the first priority to make sure you look o.k. and color coordinated.

  2. @ Mr. P: Yeah why would you put a suspension fork in the sand, especially a rockshox which tend to have damper adjusters and air valves on the bottom of the leg? It doesn’t look cool, it looks idiotic.

  3. I liked their last graphics setup, with the exception of it being sometimes hard to quickly see what model it was.

    I do not like the out-there and bold Rockshox name down the lowers though. There’s no style to it.

  4. I really didn’t care for the older graphics on some of the forks before (SID, Reba, Recon, Revelation, Sector, etc)… Too boring. Might as well have it completely bare.

    I do prefer some of the others like the Boxxer, Totem and Argyle more than these new ones. But those seem more like a case by case exceptions.

    I also liked the graphics on the Reba from 2008 waaay better than any of the other since then, but these 2013 ones are ok… better than what’s current. the current ones have no style (with the exception of the Boxxer, Totem, and Argyle)… like an old man in sandals and dress socks…

  5. there is no sand in mountain biking. please take pictures on a white background in a pristine studio. this is where i do my best colour coordinating

  6. i like notapro! lol and it would seem that some are very much caught up in how their bikes look and not how they work? lol

  7. @Richard.. Well the article was about the new graphics and only the new graphics. There was no insight whatsoever into what might be mechanically different about the forks so what else are we supposed to comment on… Besides the sand? Just because people are discussing the looks does not mean that they are not concerned about the performance. Your Logic is all backwards.

    I don’t understand what you are LOLing so much about… and the title clearly says “Updated Graphics” so doesn’t that mean that maybe you are concerned with looks as well or else you wouldn’t be reading this article.

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