Louis Garneau Winter Shoes

Buying winter cycling shoes has always been somewhat of a challenging exercise due to several factors.  First, the sizing does not usually match your current road, mountain or tri shoes and since they are a niche item with a very limited selling season (speaking for my southern region), shops are very hesitant to stock them, making it hard to try them on before purchase.

So, did Louis Garneau’s new Glacier winter road bike shoes fit as expected? Were they warm? Read on and see…

Louis Garneau Winter Road Shoes

Without being able to try them on in advance, I bit the bullet and ordered my standard size 44. I’m happy to report these fit true to size.  I was able to wear a mid weight wool winter cycling sock without any fit problems.

Louis Garneau Winter Shoe

The shoes features front and back reflective piping, scuff guards at high wear points and a giant finger loop on the back to make getting the shoe on a little easier.  Louis Garneau use a seam-sealed front zipper, laminated PVC material on the sides and a neoprene ankle cuff with a full length silicone gripper to help keep your feet toasty warm.

Louis Garneau Winter Road Shoes

The shoe uses a speed lace system for retention with an external forefoot strap to aid in power transfer.  I was somewhat skeptical of how comfortable the speed laces would be, but after many miles they are very comfortable.  My only complaint would be is they are impossible to adjust “on the fly” during a ride.  Louis Garneau also say that the thinsulate lining can accommodate a heat pack between the laces and the zipper for extra warmth. However, my test pair were very tight on my forefoot and ankle and I could not try the heat packs.

Louis Garneau Winter Road Shoes

The insoles also have a fleece top and an aluminum-coated insole to help keep your feet warm and cozy during your winter epics.

Louis Garneau Road Shoes

My size 44 test sample came in at 514g with Speedplay Zero cleats installed.  Without the cleats the shoes weigh in at 396g each. Retail is $179.99.

I really like these winter road shoes.  They are comfortable and warm.  They kept my feet nice and toasty for around two hours in 30 degree weather. It was only during the last few minutes of the ride did me toes start to feel cold.  Overall I would give them two thumbs up for comfort and performance, but be aware that the ankle cuff and zipper may not fit everyones foot.  Regardless, they beat shoe covers for performance during the cold winter months.



  1. I have the Mountain bike version of these shoes. Many rides below 0°C at -10°C and down I will cover them with the LG Neoprene Boot covers also. The MTB soles are very stiff, they feel great on the pedals. The Zippers are a little lacking on quality but nothing a little electric fence wire won’t fix.

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