Ratio MTB Handlebar Selection

Ratio just released a few carbon XC mountain bike handlebars – the flatbar Zenit, the slight rise Bullit, and the higher rise Grit. All come in 750mm width and fit 31.8mm stems. The flatbar Zenit features a 6.5 degree back sweep with a weight of 175g. Bullit gives a 15mm rise with 5 degree backsweep and 3 degree upsweep, weighing in at 185g. The 190g Grit rises 20mm with a 9 degree back sweep and 4 degree upsweep. You should be able to pick ’em up for between $180-$200.

Click ‘more’ for images of the three bars…

Ratio MTB Handlebar Zenit

ZENIT Carbon

  • Flat bar for XC and 29er
  • Width 750 mm
  • No Rise
  • Backsweep: 6.5°
  • Upward 0°
  • Weight: 175 g

Ratio MTB Handlebar Bullit


  • Slight rise for XC and 29er
  • Width: 750 mm
  • Rise: 15 mm
  • Backsweep: 5°
  • Upward 3°
  • Weight: 185 g

Ratio MTB Handlebar Grit

GRIT Carbon

  • Higher rise for XC and 29er use
  • Width: 750 mm
  • Rise: 20 mm
  • Backsweep: 9°
  • Upward 4°
  • Weight: 190 g

Check these out at the Ratio Website.



  1. Sweep’s seem outdated…really. 6.5? Even on the riser? Probably wouldn’t be too bad…..but they are also trying to ask the same prices companies that are very well established….and are proven….like ENVE, Easton, Salsa, etc…. Little ambitious for a brand we’ve never heard of doing stuff that was done 10 years ago.

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