We’ve been accused of owning stock in Kickstarter for all the links we’ve posted to this website. We don’t. Thing is, we just think it’s a great way for people to come together and help make great things happen. It’s an added bonus that there have been some great cycling inspired projects. In the words of one of our readers, Michael G.:

It’d be good for the biking community to support new products that could potentially evolve into some amazing products.

This new project isn’t a product, but a video. We all love watching them – especially good ones – and what’s better than a video to inspire you to ride your bike? Check out this Kickstarter project by  Tobie and Seth for the Gravel Metric, a free 62 mile gravel bike ride in DeKalb, IL, presented by North Central Cyclery. The ride will be held May 27th and starts at 9am. Their videos for the previous two years are posted after the break, and, if you enjoy them, consider donating to their campaign. You can give as little as a dollar – it all adds up.


via Salsa Cycles and xxcmag.com.


  1. Here in WV, we’ve been wanting to start up the Le Petit Roubaix du Buckhannon, a 42 mile road of hell, creeks, mud, and gravel. The worst of the worst roads in our area.

    The only thing is we have no clue how to do this without going through WVMBA or some other group to make it a race, but then insurance and everything else makes it very impossible, economically, for college kids to pull off.

  2. WVCycling see G-tedproductions.blogspot……. lots of good ideas about unsupported gravel grinders and others doing the same. No insurance. No support. YOU are responsible for you. All you need is a website/blog. Have fun!!

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