Soulcraft Tradesman Production Bike Full Bike

Soulcraft Cycles showed up to NAHBS with their new Tradesmen this year.  Sean Walling has developed a production geared 29er hardtail.  The bike is built in their shop, by hand, the same way their other bikes are built, only without the custom options.  It’s the same concept as the Satlzman road bike from Signal Cycles, and a cheaper option for those that want a Soulcraft, but can’t afford the full custom option.

The Tradesmen will come in three stock sizes, and each production run will only come in one color to help keep the cost down.   Cost runs $1450 for the frame, and a complete build can be had for $4250.

Past the break you’ll find more photos of the Tradesman, plus a few other bikes from Soulcraft.

Soulcraft Tradesman Production Bike Dropouts

A rear dropout form Paragon is used for cost savings.

Soulcraft Tradesman Production Bike Wishbone Rear End

A wishbone rear end is used to save cost as well, as it is easier to manufacture.

Soulcraft grasshopper full bike

I am all about a do-it-all bike, and the Soulcraft Groundskeeper is just that.  This cyclocross bike has long reach brakes (in this case Paul braze on racer mediums), rack and fender mounts front and rear, and a tough as nails steel frame making it a great commuter, gravel road racer, and mudslinger on the cross course.  Frames start at $1800, and the fork comes in at $475.  Complete builds start at $4780.

Soulcraft headbadge

The Soulcraft head badge reminds me of a door plate on a car.

Soulcraft grasshopper front brake paul components

Soulcraft Dirtbomb Full Bike

Taking that do-it-all mentality even further is the Soulcraft Dirtbomb.  It’s designed to clear the Panaracer Fire Cross 45c tire.  The Dirtbomb would be at home built up as a commuter, or a monster cross bike.  Flat bars?  Sure.  Dorp bars?  Why not.  Make it what you want it to be.  And with custom build options, and deep pockets, you can do just that.  Framesets start at $2250, with complete bikes coming at 4415.

Soulcraft Dirbomb Rear Brake Paul Components

The new Paul brakes, designed to work with drop bar levers.  And they seem to have massive tire clearance to boot.



  1. paul parts look great when in your hand and you can feel the weight and see they are pretty well made
    in pictures they always look like the knock off Phil Wood.

  2. Meanwhile back where l’m at. I am just putting the final touches on a souless Chinese carbon fiber road bike…
    I really like the Tradesman l love the blue.

  3. Sean’s stuff is always clean, purposeful, and durable. Definitely built to ride! Doesn’t bring the corn!

  4. for those who actually buy a bike to ride and get dirty and not just show off to friends, Soulcraft’s are where it’s at. Simply put, ‘they are the best tools for the job’ my singlespeed is 8 years old and still rides like new. Sean’s bikes are welded straight and ride like a dream. there’s no fluff here, just a bike that offers great performance, value and workmanship. I can’t wait to buy the Dirtbomb!

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