Santa Cruz breaks some frames for PinkBike. They compare the strength of aluminum versus carbon. I’m not sure how scientific the testing is, but they look to be having a blast. I won’t spoil the winner for you. Visit the video at Pinkbike here or check out Santa Cruz’s website.

Do Bike Paths Promote Biking?

Do bike paths actually promote biking? It’s widely thought that building roads promotes driving, but this may not hold true for cycling infrastructure. The Atlantic Cities compare a couple of studies to see if they can make sense of it here.

With Triple Rush gone, there is space for another action-packed reality show. To Catch a Bike Thief may fill the position. In the show, they bait bikes with GPS devices and wait for them to get stolen. They then retrieve them. This simple idea promises for some serious action and drama. It’ll be a web series. You can check it out here.

Knife and Saw Bike Wall Mount

Treehugger just compiled a list of artistic wall mounts for bikes. They have a series of images for them along with pricing at their website.

  • Knife and Saw
  • Cycloc
  • Leonardo
  • Perch
  • Pedalpod
  • The Hood by Quarterre
  • The Bike Valet
  • Chris Meierling’s Pallet Bike Rack
  • Bike Rack Birdhouse Fro Dimini
  • Bike Storage From Jeremy Kehoe Studios

This is the newest crown of hipsterdom. They engage in dangerous maneuvers in the spirit of having a good time. Not technically bicycles, but it counts.


  1. This video made me so nervous feeling. Every impact during all “tests,” I was expecting impending doom. The results aren’t surprising, but golly, I feel bad for those frames 🙁

  2. I believe carbon is better and stronger, but what about cold wether and cracks because of moisture in the frame when it is freezing. Water that freezes can split rocks, so what about my frame?

    I would love to see how the carbon responds when temperature drops to -10°C or more.

    Following bikerumor from the Netherlands, keep up the good “work”, haha.

  3. @Harald

    If you’re worried about cold temperatures decreasing the strength of carbon fiber, I advise you to never get into an airplane.

    You’d have to fill your frame full of water and set it out in freezing cold temperatures to get the desired cracking effects you’re imaging.

  4. Carbon is obviously alot stronger than the aluminium but i would not want to be on a carbon when it goes, at least aluminium bends, carbon shatters.

  5. Luke, how does carbon shatter exactly? Didn’t you watch the videos above where the carbon fiber simply cracks?

    Even if you were able to put yourself in a situation where you could cause that catastrophic of a failure to happen on a carbon fiber frame, chances are you would be in a situation where you’ve probably cracked (or shattered!) something in your own body to produce that kind of failure.

  6. ZAP? carbon fibre is a brittle material when it deforms it derforms plasticaly, similar to cast iron, which creates a sharp edge, where as aluminium deforms elestically (ie. bends) which no sharp edge. What i am getting at is although carbon is alot stronger it does have a sharper break surface.

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