Have you ever grabbed too much front brake and flipped over the bars? I’m ashamed to admit I have, but it was largely because I was trying to learn how to ride a nosie. It was a painful experience and it’s one that I’ve seen many of my friends replicate on their first mountain bike rides.

A Canadian company, King Industry, has decided to put an end to the humiliation. Their new line up of brake pads set to be introduced over the course of this year uses a mechanical interface to prevent the wheel from locking up. As the wheel spins, the metal attachment vibrates, and jerks the brake pads free if the wheel locks.

Follow the link for more info and a video clip..

A standard set (two pads), will set you back $109 USD. Claimed weight is 160 grams. The pads are built by Japan Rubber Company and are said to withstand 8-16 months of regular use depending on rider loads. A replacement set will set you back $40.

Riders interested in this tech will benefit most from replacing their front brake.  Currently, only v-brake pads are available for sale, but other pads will be released next month. King Industries plans on releasing disc brake pads in the future as well.

Shimano offers a product which provides a similar feature set at a much lower price for V-brakes. Their power modulator replaces the standard V-brake noodle and contains a spring. If you start to brake too hard, the cable guide absorbs the excess lever force, and creates an incredibly mushy feel.

I’ve never used either the Shimano Power Modulator or SABS brake pads but I can understand the appeal. I’ve encountered too many recreational cyclists and daily commuters who are afraid of their front brake.


  1. That would be impressive if the road were icy. Or if it was a road bike w/ 700×18 slicks and they randomly disabled the rear brake.

  2. Because MotoGP has trained riders, unlike your average cyclist. That being said – I agree completely. Learning not to grab your front brake in an emergency stop is part of learning how to ride a bicycle.

  3. Those guys are going to spend far to much time defending themselves in court. Everytime someone hits the ground with these installed they are going to blame the manufacturer. Much better to let the rider hurt themselves on their own.

  4. The video gives no information other than the rider appeared to remain in upright in the video and was traveling at some non-zero speed. So?

  5. gee- Brakes DO win races… go race without brakes and see how you rank…

    these are a silly idea, but people will buy them, the power modulators are on tons of late model bikes…

  6. I am a Taiwanese, I bought this and use it for almost 1 year, it really works!!!

    This product was innovate by Taiwanese, all mechanical structure, no battery, oil, air force needed.

    Per I know, this SABS will generate the braking frequency by itself very quickly.
    I install it on my front wheel to slam the front brake while riding, I didn’t overturn. Then I try to brake front brake to let rear wheel titled, but I can’t.

    It is amazing!! I can say this is the greatest innovation of bicycle part in 21 century. So, I bought another one to install on the rear wheel.

    Everyone should buy one to avoid some damage due to emergency.

  7. WHAT are they saying @ 2:58 ? Are they TELLING us that you have to disable the REAR brake system in the Rain, and ONLY to use the FRONT brake system? OR are they merely just stating exactly what setup they managed to risk a human life in the rain down a mountain with more curves than Kim Kardashian, just in the name of seeing if they COULD pull off a massively risky stunt…simply in the name of SPORT! (or more like EXTREME SPORTS!! LoL!)
    The ONLY reason I had to ask is probably in their lousy wording…which can cause all sorts of mischief!! Ohh boys boys and their toys!!

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