Hiplok Bike Lock in Multiple Colors

Bike messengers among other urban riders have been known to waist-mount bulky chains for locks. Big chains equal big security. Hiplok harnesses that idea with this product. They sheathed a traditional chain in nylon and fashioned it with an adjustable belt. We’ve been following Hiplok for a while with a previous article here.

Although the looks are vogue, this lock isn’t all about style. Hiplok addresses a safety concern in riding with chains on the waist. If the cyclist gets injured with a chain on, medical personnel sometimes have issues removing it. Hiplok avoids this by looping like a belt and never actually locking to the rider.

Hiplok comes in a range of colors – black, green, yellow, pink, white, and grey. 3M reflective lettering is offered in many of these colors for night-visibility. Pricing is $99.99. Click ‘more’ for a view of the belt-feature and a couple action shots…

Hiplok Bike Lock How to Wear

“Put key into padlock buckle, take other end of belt and loop the last chain link into the padlock loop, lock bike up….”

Hiplok Bike Lock Action Shot

Hiplok Bike Lock Mountain Bike




  1. It seems like a sensible idea, and I have to give extra points for using a muddy Norco instead of a hipster fixie in the publicity photos.

  2. hahaha, yes.. nice bike choice. Of course if that bike was actually locked up and left there while grocery shopping, There’s a good chance that only the main triangle would be left. Hey, I think I could probably strip it down (shock and all) in under 7 mins. If you leave the BB and headset and just cut the cables and brake housing (leaving a trail of fluid to your getaway van).

  3. “Hiplok addresses a safety concern in riding with chains on the waist.”

    Interesting design but since when do messengers and their hipster doofuss impersonators give a rat’s ass about safety?

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