2012 Kenda Slant Six 29x18 lightweight tubeless 29er mountain bike tire

Kenda was out demo’ing their latest tires at the SE Bike Expo in Conyers, GA, this weekend, mostly wrapped around the demo wheels over at the Stan’s NoTubes booth. Tucked into their tent, though, were some new and future models that see their SCT (Sealant Compatible Tire) tubeless system spreading across the line, particularly for 29er and ‘cross tires, and dropping weight.

Above, the new Slant Six 29×1.8 SCT/DTC tire. Has their L3R Pro Dual Tread Compound (DTC) and SCT casing with woven sidewall over the standard rubber. Their SCT system wraps the rubber around the bead to provide a good seal with the rim, such that you don’t have to use sealant. Weight is TBD, these are final stage prototypes, but should be around 600g. They’ll also do a standard tube-type version that’ll be about 75g lighter. Look for them to hit shelves in late summer or early fall. Pricing should be around $60-$65.

The Small Block 8 will also be coming out in late summer in a 29 x 1.9.

2012 Kenda Slant Six 29x18 lightweight tubeless 29er mountain bike tire

The Super Six tread pattern and woven sidewall.

prototype Kenda Kozmic Lite II 29er mountain bike tire

Also new is the SCT Kozmik Lite 2 in 29×2.0. Weight is 515 for the tube type and the SCT is around 610g. Retail is $60-$65 and they’re available just now.

2012 Kenda Kountach lightweight road racing tire with supple sidewall

Kountach is a new high end racing road tire with partial Iron Cloak flat protection belt under the tread rather that full bead to bead coverage to save weight and give it a more supple feel. Weights are 202g for 700×23. They’re also available in a 25 that weighs 215g (all weights are claimed). Also available in red and solid black.

2012 Kenda Kommando cyclocross tire coming in tubeless version that will allow for extremely low psi

All cyclocross tires except Kwicker are now available in SCT in 700×32 widths. They have a 35 and 40, too, but those sizes are not available in SCT yet. You can run their non-SCT tires tubeless with sealant, but the SCT casing is designed to work without any sealant. The Kommando is their most popular and runs about $45 and 365g for the SCT model. The tread is reversible depending on conditions, with ramps on one side for fast, smooth rolling and harder edges on the other for improved bite in the soft, wet stuff. Their sponsored athletes were running these on Stan’s hoops with as little as 20psi with no issues, something verified by Stan’s marketing guys on a separate occasion. Ben, Kenda’s new MTB PR guy, says he’s personally run the tires in the teens without rolling them off. Intriguing…

Kenda 24Seven Tinker Juarez signature series mountain bikes tires in a new 29er version and updated tread pattern coming soon

Endurance legend Tinker Juarez is working on the followup to his 24Seven tire that’ll have a more open tread pattern, more aggressive knob shaping for more braking and cornering control but still really low profile. Look for that to be shown at Interbike for sale next spring, and it should be among the lightest tires they make. Above is the current 24Seven, which will remain in the lineup. The updated model will get a new name.

Kenda will soon offer tubeless tire kits including the tire sealant rim tape and valve stem

Sealant is a partnership with Stan’s and is going to be available packaged as single tire kits with tire, tape, valve and 2oz sealant.


  1. “They have a 35 and 40, too, but those sizes are not available in SCT yet”

    Did they give you any kind of hint to when these would be available?

  2. “the SCT casing is designed to work without any sealant.”

    So let me get this straight, I can use these 32c Kenda CX tires on my bike with Stan’s rims, and I can do it without sealant? I was looking at the Happy Medium, but it seemed a little heavy, but with no sealant in it would be pretty competitive.

What do you think?