Just in time for some spring trail action, WTB have sent out their new Frequency i19 tubeless ready rims and reintroduced Moto 2.1 TCS tires.  One of the few rims available to wheelbuilders looking to build tubeless wheels to their hubs of choice, the 385g Frequency i19 Team aim to be light enough for cross country use but (as demonstrated by team rider Mark Weir) sturdy enough for trail use.  The reintroduced and newly tubeless ready TCS Moto is “designed to navigate through mud, rocks and loose soil. “Hit the jump for more photos, specs, and pricing…

Built up to WTB‘s (apparently no longer available) Laser Disc rear and Super Duty front hubs using 32 double butted spokes apiece, our Frequency i19 Team test wheelset came in at 1,625g- and and there’s easily enough room in the build to get things under 1,600g.  At $75, the price is right and the rims feature WTB’s trademark I-Beam construction and strain-avoiding 4D spoke drilling.  29er versions are also available, as is a 23mm wide all-mountain oriented i23.

The classic Moto is back!  With plenty of loose rock in these parts (though not much in the way of mud), I’m interested to see how the stout, widely spaced blocks perform.  Coming in at an average of 669g (640g claimed), the Moto TCS 2.1s inflated easily with a scoop of WTB’s suspiciously Stans-like sealant and measured 1.98in after a few days at pressure.  The TCS version should run about $70 at your local bike shop.

We’ve got plenty of riding planned for this spring so should be back with an initial review before long…



  1. Those Motoraptors in 2.4″ size were amongst the most scary front tires I’ve ridden. The 2.1″ were not as bad, but I hope they had made them with a softer compound this time. The rear was slow but nice. Traction for Africa.

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