Details about how, you know, this might keep the chain tension higher during riding to prevent chainstay slap and such are obviously missing from this “Infomercial”, but it at least shows what’s been teased already with an interesting bonus feature to simplify wheel removal. It’s also putting their sponsorship of Kyle Strait to good use.

We’re headed to SRAM’s mountain bike press launch in about a week, where we expect to get full details on this, Grip Shift and other new stuff from Avid and Rockshox, too. Stay tuned…


  1. This seems too poorly produced to be made by such a big company like sram, plus the idea isn’t too smart, I can take my standard rear wheel off in less than 10 seconds every time. If sram unveiled something against chain slap like shimano, then I would go back to sram.

  2. I really hope that this is the SRAM version of Shimano’s clutch… otherwise… come on SRAM. But why make a video that just covers a bonus feature of a product? That being said, inexperienced (& plenty of experienced riders) do struggle with their rear wheel.

  3. shimano’s shadow plus works by resisting forward cage motion, but allowing the cage to move back easily with just spring tension.
    sram’s idea here is not the same at all. the cage resists backward, tensioning motion, so it will actually promote chain slap if left locked during riding.
    it also looks like something that could be used on x5 or x7 groups, for beginners. i doubt anyone else would want it.

  4. I get this is supposed to be a comical advertisement but it really missed the mark. Wasn’t really funny, and unless you have no mechanical ability, really not a useful product. I’ve run sram for years and yes they aren’t the easiest rear der to have when making a wheel change, and yes shimano is easier. So is this just sram’s fix to their own design mistake? Or are they ripping on shimano for making a system that makes the wheel change harder (which they admit, and is why it can be switched off)?
    Either way the new bike is getting shimano cause of the plus rear der and that they’ve always been known as the better shifting cassette and crank. It was was nice five years sram! good luck

  5. This “innovation” is kind of pointless. I do not see it benefiting riders that actually know how to remove and reinstall their wheel. I agree that it is a good idea for younger riders and the entry level groupos, but not on X9-XX. While I am an avid supporter of all things SRAM, I believe they may be trying to bring something to the market so the public doenst think they are being left behind. In this case, they totally missed the mark. Sorry SRAM, please try again…

  6. SRAM needs to learn how to make a regular deraileur that doesn’t suck before they start coming out with useless new products like this one.

  7. I have never met a person that wouldn’t be able to remove and put back the wheel. Seriusly, I have a friend that lost his right hand in an accident an still can fix his bike on his own. My point is, you got to be retarded to need something like this.

  8. UGH!!! Soon to be the new derailleur of all Walmart bikes everywhere! Disappointing. I hope at the press launch they give some details on how it can be performance related. Then I might want to look into it more.

  9. I never knew that removing and mounting a rear wheel was so fraught with danger and challenge. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

  10. I was waiting for the guy to take the shotgun out of his van and shoot himself.
    I would if I couldn’t figure out how to put a wheel back on.

  11. These guys in this commercial are exactly the type of people that SHOULD NOT be doing their own work on their own bikes. Really, idiots? You shouldn’t be wrestling or mistreating your bike like that. I get that it’s supposed to be “funny” but it’s not, it’s just idiots being idiots. If you can’t get your wheel off in 10 seconds then you need to be taught how to properly work on your bike.

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