Ratio Bicycle Case Open

We did a review of the Evoc Bike Travel bag, but bags of this sort require the user to disassemble the bike. The Traveling Bike Bag by Ratio Bike Design allows for the user to put the entire bike in the bag. It features a fixed metal structure that clamps the fork and dropouts, protecting the frame from getting crushed. The handlebars don’t need to be taken off or even turned. This seems like it’s a good option for those favoring safety and convenience over small size.

The fabric of the bag is a waterproof microfiber with polyester lining. A tool bag is inside along with a wheel bag. The wheel bag can be taken out and stored on the side while the folding aluminum cage protects the frame. The total weight is 6.5kg (14.33lbs). Ratio claims that this bag will hold any bike. Click ‘more’ to view images…

Ratio Bicycle Case Side


Ratio Traveler Bike Case Closed


  1. It’s exactly like the Scicon Aero Comfort Plus bag that my wife and I used for a European cycling tour. Don’t buy it for air travel!! We returned with one broken bike (cracked clean through one seat stay) and one badly warped HED Ardennes wheel as well as various scrapes and dings from just one trip. Nearly all of the wheels on both bags were damaged beyond usefulness as well. We returned these bags to Scicon in exchange for the hard case Aero Tech Evolution. Scicon was very receptive and helpful to us returning them, so it’s nothing against them. But we learned to never trust soft bags for international air travel.

  2. Yes, the Evoc requires you to disassemble the bike, if by disassembly you mean taking the stem faceplate off. And that’s about it. Oh, and wheels (just like this bag).

    Looks like yet another reprinted press release rather than a review. Don’t believe the hype.

  3. This type of bag is not good for air travel. Like bikecandy mentioned, the seatstays will break more often then not due to the bike being fixed in the bag. Any impact ie. luggage getting smashed against the bike can damage it…especially a carbon seat stay. I have first hand experience with several broken bikes in the Scicon bags. Pika bags are good, hard cases are better.

  4. it looks like a bad copy of scicon one that i had, never get problems from flights, now i’m gonna buy their new version cause is more though.

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