Watch the video to see the newest handy smartphone mount, called The Mounty, in action – and to hear a plea from the engineers who designed it to help fund its production. Eleanor and Kevin have just four more days to get their Kickstarter campaign funded. With pledges of $20 or more you will receive a limited edition Mounty of your very own! Not a bad deal for a smartphone mount that is easy to use on handlebars, strollers, and shopping carts!


  1. Where are your helmets!! Good grief, I cant even think about your product while watching you guys go down stairs without a helmet on…not a good message.

  2. unclipping from you bar, Iphone slides out… on to the asphalt…
    Another problem is that you can not use it with a case.. as far as I can see. If you wreck, you iphone is left partially (mostly) unprotected. it’s also left unprotected from water and sweat. Definitely not meant for serious cyclist.

  3. This thread doesn’t need the helmet police……

    I have searched high and low for the perfect smart phone mount and settled for something that works well but that I’m still not thrilled with (it’s pretty large.) The size and ease of use for this one seems pretty good. The base/mount should be able to turn 90 degrees for stem mounting, which I find as a must. Moreover though, there will need to be more protection and at least a water resistant rating.

    Some tweaks and this may become one of the best mounts out there.

  4. Hey everyone! This is Eleanor…one of the Mounty creators.

    Just to answer a few questions/qualm some concerns:

    1. Yes, Loren, you’re right! We should be wearing helmets. Thanks for the PSA. 🙂

    2. J.Ruff-when you take the Mounty off your handlebar, the phone stays in place because of it’s bottom lip…its kind of like a pocket. also, you may be able to use the Mounty with a case as long as its a slim one. our kickstarter page has info on acceptable dimensions

    3. Ryan-where you living? dinner could be a possibility. thanks for the invite!

    4. Hi Chip-we definitely considered the idea of having it rotate horizontally, but figured that might make it bulkier and that wasn’t what we were going for…also, it would be great if we could somehow make it waterproof…but, we also wanted to make sure to keep the touchscreen functionality. if you ended up wanting to use the mounty in a wet environment, you could definitely just slip your phone in a ziploc baggie and then put it in the mounty.

    hope that helps!
    thanks, again, for your support.

  5. Couple of tips…
    1. You need to support a horizontal display.
    2. You need to support the larger devices (Galaxy S2, S3, Note, etc)…
    3. Not everyone likes neon green. Black would be nice…

    Would buy if it handles these…

  6. 1) It is a free world, wear helmets or not at your own discretion.
    2) I have a droid, Samsung, and want something I can mount to my helmet. What dimension does your product have ? Is there a hole in the back for a camera ?
    3) How old was that Honda ? Looked like 70’s era.

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