All-City Macho Man Full Bike

The fine folks over at All-City have been pumping out the cool rides recently.  To compliment their line of awesome fixed gear / freestyle rides, at Interbike they were showing off their road bike, the Mr. Pink, along side their Rando / Touring bike the Space Horse.  And now they have given the Nature Boy a tag team partner with their new geared cross bike, the Macho Man.

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All-City Macho Man Virticle Dropout

The proven geometry and straight bladed fork of the Nature Boy single speed cross bike is carried over to the Macho Man.  Also carried over is the standard All-City head tube badge, reinforced bottle bosses, and hidden fender mounts.  In the rear you’ll find All-City’s new signature vertical dropouts.  More on those:

“This vertical dropout shares a lot of the visual and functional characteristics of the space horse dropout (which I have discussed, in depth, on the blog 1, 2, & 3). It is investment cast from 304 stainless steel. It has drainage holes for the stays integrated into the dropout so that we would not need to drill more holes in the stays. It features a robust, lugged-style chainstay interface and a rounded seat stay interface to support our full line of sizes. It is a classic, thoughtful design in the All-City tradition.” – Anna Schwinn Lead Engineer, All-City.

All-City Macho Man Cable Routing

AC abandon their standard internal brake cable routing, and instead opted for a triple top tube cable guide.  This keeps the shift cables off the downtube, and allows for the use of Shimano’s new top pull CX70 front derailleur.  For those that want a bottom pull set up, there is a pully mount as well.

All-City Macho Man CX70

All-City has been know to do one color for a frame set, and another for the complete build.  For the Macho Man however, just one color is available at launch.  The photos don’t do it justice.  The citroen color is a bright metallic paint, and I am assured that in person, the color is much less like a banana.

All-City Macho Man Cockpit

As for the parts build, a very smart build out was chosen.  You get a Salsa bar and stem, Shimano 105 shifters and rear derailleur,  cyclocross specific CX70 front derailleur, FSA Gossamer crank, and 35c Continental cross tires.  And the size range hits 46cm – 61cm.  For the full specs look here.

Want the Macho Man for your very own.  Well, this Atomic Drop will run you $1595.  These babies aren’t expected to stick around for long either, so hit up your local shop to get in a pre-order.


  1. did you miss the memo about steel frames being widely considered obsolete? there is absolutely nothing about this bike that should be changed

  2. @Mark – Did you even bother to read the bike specs over at All-City’s site first? It’s a 12-28 paired with a 46 / 36t compact front. That seems about right to me for cross.

    As far as the color goes, I love it. I bet in person this thing really pops. And thanks All-City for not making another black, red, and white bike. Every time I see a bike in that color scheme launched I just want to scream.

  3. Wow, what a bunch of haters on here, you guys need to back off a bit. Except for Mark which made me smile. I’m digging on this bike. Loud, durable, and simple? That’s what I love about CX!

  4. The framesets are going to come in a nice “sweet spot” price that will be higher than Pake’s C’mute, but still not hurt the wallet as bad, as… Trek’s Cronus CX Ultimate Frameset. ($2,199.99) I know, bad analogy.

  5. “Thanks All-City for not making another black, red, and white bike. Every time I see a bike in that color scheme launched I just want to scream.”

    Speedy speaks the truth.

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