Sugoi 25th anniversary Around the Bend cycling jersey by Canadian artist Peter WyseSugoi is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary with a collection of artists jerseys led by this Around the Bend design by Canadian artist Peter Wyse featuring the names of cycling legends like Eddy, Bernard, Jacques, Miguel, Alberto and Francesco. Partial proceeds from this jersey benefit cancer research.

The collection features 11 male and female designs for both roadies and mountain bikers, and some feature multiple styles and colors. They’ll retail for $65 each and matching arm warmers are available for all designs for $25. They’ll be available through Sugoi dealers on May 15, and if you are such a dealer, orders are due by end of February.

Check out the full collection after the break…


Samurai – Mod – Los Muertes

Mister Roboto – Riders – Inked

Emperor – Canada – Campione

Wheelman is the 11th style, not shown.


Women’s Around the Bend

Good Kitty – Mrs. Roboto – Sugar Skull

Geisha – Expresso – Live (Velo) Love

Cherry Bomb – Pheonix – Blossom

A women’s version of the Canada jersey is also available.


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