garmin vector pedal power meter system delayed

Garmin’s Vector pedal-based power measurement system is still coming, but it’s now delayed until summer. They’re being light on details other than to say they want to system to be as robust as possible when it hits shelves. Originally slated for a March release, the set up will retail for $1,499 (pedals + transmitter). Their official statement is:

“As with any Garmin product it is always our attempt to ensure that it meets the highest standard of quality—such is the case with Vector. In doing so, it has taken longer than expected. We are 100% committed to bringing this highly anticipated power meter to cycling shops around the world and will be doing so this summer.”

Full details on the Vector here.


  1. Yeah, you’ll get pedal strikes……..if you can achieve an lean angle on the order of 45-47°………..which you can’t.

    Better to delay and release the product when it’s right than to release a flawed product.

  2. @Robin According to DCRainmaker Polar is recalling the pedal systems to upgrade the firmware. There is no direct method to flash the firmware on the units so they have to recall them to the factory. “…that the only folks that in theory should have the pedals are some distributors/retail shops for test/demo, various sales folks for product training, internal & external test/beta teams, a few Pro Team riders, and some media folks. There may be an odd consumer that somehow had a unit slip into their hands – but no orders have been officially fulfilled.”

  3. I don’t think you’ll get pedal strikes. The transmitters will be parallel with the road at the bottom of the pedal stroke.

  4. Summer is right around the corner. I won’t hold my breath for it. I’ll buy one, price is fair.
    Kills me how the Polar system is not ANT compatible. Why would they do that?

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