There’s no doubt BMX helps push the boundaries of tricks, and Daniel Sandoval’s Double Tailwhip to 720 at the FISE Costa Rica competition pushes things to the next level. Alright freeriders, your turn.


  1. That was a cool trick indeed. Bike throwing seems to be a common practice upon completion of a difficult move. Wouldn’t it be cool if XC guys started chucking their bikes after winning a WC! ;-/

  2. @aaron

    you obviously don’t ride bmx, which means you have not had the feeling of landing an trick that you’ve tried millions of times. i ride bmx, road, xc, cyclocross…..only bmx has given me that exact feeling. for me at least.

  3. @dgaddis

    Shorts don’t work in BMX, do you wear baggy jeans while on you’re on your road or mountain bike? At least we don’t shave our legs…

  4. Double tailwhip to 720 is grossly inaccurate, that would imply that he did 3 full rotations. Watch closely, 720 total rotation, first 360 has the two whips in it, second 360 completed after he catches the second whip (and completes the first 360). This trick is wild, but calling it something it isn’t doesn’t jive for this sort of thing.

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