The Shadow Conspiracy calls this concept an “enclosed fork.” Based off their existing Vultus fork, built with 4130 Sanko chromoly (29.8 oz.), their new fork would utilize the same one piece steer tube, and integrated race, but would allow two different angles of offset.

The Vultus is currently set up with a 26mm offset for responsive steering and tight tricks, but this new fork, with its adjustment washers could easily be set up for a 31 mm offset. The enclosed 5mm thick dropout would feature steel washer inserts that could be effortlessly flipped for more stable handling. The fork would only be compatible with female bolt type axles.

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Via The Shadow Conspiracy 


  1. This is a pretty cool idea…they should think about this type of system on mountain bike forks. It would allow for frame builders to have more flexibility when designing custom geometries so they could maintain the same trail with different head angles.

  2. i’m sick of seeing new stuff that isn’t real, and its not going to end up like that (nice sharp corner pockets).
    make the thing, fix it, figure it out, then show us. this isn’t art class.
    for mountain bikes you’d then require shims for brake rotors or custom adapters.

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