Rota Folding Bike Concept Designer OliveiraLike the detachable tandem bike, the Rota has some excellent innovations that push the boundaries of bicycle design.  Argentinian designer Leandro Albino de Oliveira visualizes a bike that would fold with ease – with a couple of twists, the Rota becomes half its size.

The frame is divided into two sections, the front and the rear.  Notice the small green circle on the frame pictured above.  This is actually a component that -when twisted- allows the rear to be folded in line with the front.  With the single-bladed fork, the front and rear wheels can overlap. Also, the handlebars serve as a kickstand.

A detailed presentation of the folding Rota after the break…

Rota Folding Bike Concept Oliveira Mechanism

The green ring is threaded and must be twisted to unlock the bike.  Then, when in the correct position, the front half of the frame slides out for just an inch or so.  On sliding out, the two halves of the frame are misaligned.  In effect, the whole bike folds in on itself.

Rota Folding Bike Concept Oliveira in Process of Folding

Here we see the folded Rota.  I’d imagine that over time the handlebar finish would deteriorate or scratch, unless the user is very careful.  Perhaps a heavy-duty bar end would be included.  But regardless of this flaw (and maybe a few others), concept bicycles like this introduce new ways of thinking.  With cities becoming more populated, space-saving innovations are a plus.  The Rota guarantees that commuting by bike will always be possible, even with half the space for storage.


  1. It’s got some quirks, and I’m not sure how realistic that amount of CF is, but hey, it’s not hubless and has a real steering system! Automatically better than 90% of designer bike concepts.

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