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Photo submitted by Marc Deaver, “Pisgah, DuPont, and Bent Creek are great.  But so is getting to do this on my lunch hour.  Just a few miles from Pack Square in downtown.”

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  1. I have ridden with this guy all my life. He is always saying how he is not getting to ride ride…now i know better…the guy secret trains .

    He needs to get smart a not let all the internet lurkers get smart .

  2. Why XTR? It was cheap. That non disc hub languished in the inventory of a (not in Asheville) local bike shop at MSRP for several years. Seriously, who wants a non disc XTR hub anymore? When the shop put the big discount red tag on it, I picked it up. Functionally it’s not a whole lot different than a similar vintage Dura-Ace hub.

    I built the wheel so the XTR label could be read from the front of the bike. I should have just polished it (ask Urb), then you wouldn’t have even noticed.

  3. @Mike: no, you can read the rim label (barely) and see the Mavic logo at the bottom and read the SUP logo at the top (Reflex rim). Both face the driveside. Although having the hub label in that manner is not uncommon as it reads well for frontal 3/4 pics for the catalog spreads (seriously, this has been done).
    And nothing wrong with using mtb parts on the road. More durable and often better sealed.

  4. Nice pic…I wouldn’t have noticed anything unusual regarding the front hub, if not for someone looking to be overy AR, and point it out…looks very cool!!

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