Nonetheless Compound Neoshell waterproof softshell pants for bicycle commuters

Nonetheless has combined their Polartec Neoshell fabric and the fit of slim jeans to create a weatherproof, sleek looking pair of pants for commuters.

Made in Chicago, the long-named Compound Neoshell Weatherproof Pant claims to be much more breathable than typical waterproof materials. Softer and quieter, too. The fit is made for cycling with “Anti-Sprocket” 7-inch leg openings, a grippy elastic waist band and a bit of room in the thighs. While that sounds like a recipe for Hammer pants, the pics after the break show they’re pretty slim fitting, perfect for the workplace. They have a gussetted crotch for easy movement and five pocket design to keep your tweeting device safely on your person even when pedaling.

Retail is $258.00. More pics below, and check out their website for quite a collection of high end, cycling ready gear including some killer shirts made from fashion house scraps!

Nonetheless Compound Neoshell waterproof softshell pants for bicycle commuters


  1. Steve-Outlier is definitely the industry leader for finish and was really one of the first great clothing company to do clothes for cyclists who can’t show up to meetings looking like cyclists.

    Sometimes first runs aren’t earth shattering. Even Outlier often hints at subtle changes every time they do a restock on some items….and they are 4-5 years old? Swvre’s stuff wasn’t bad looking when it started, but I would say it has improved well over time. And well only Rapha (which is big $$$) really has it right always out of the gate. Well, and Betabrand does a good job too.

    Nonetheless is a very new brand. Great concepts, good to see yet another brand enter this market, and i like the direction. Do they have some things to learn? Sure. They don’t have the handy sizing guides everyone else does on their site. They have been out of certain sizes (mine) for a month. But in the end, it’s promising to see another company trying to make bikes clothes the rest of us can go to work in or go meet our non-bike buddies for a drink in. Plus hey…made in the USA. Nice.

    I say kudos to Nonetheless for trying. You’ll get there.

  2. Hello there,

    I wanted to take a moment to thank BR for this great coverage. The Polartec NeoShell Waterproof textile makes this pant more expensive and more weatherproof than other like-minded goods. You are getting “a lot” of pant here for the price due to many attributes.

    The Polartec NeoShell is a new innovation for commuters and the textile debuted globally this past Fall/Winter season and we are stoked to be part of the roll out. Moreover, this fabric is waterproof, however, breaths 100X better than any GORE. Meaning; you can wear the garment inside and not over heat. The outer soft shell makes for a quite walk around indoor environments. This textile is also made in the U.S.A. – making a truly American made piece.

    Again, thank you to everyone supporting our small Chicago-based company. I look forward to seeing the comments here.

    My best,
    Jonathan Shaun
    Nonetheless Garments

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