Dual Eyewear sports cycling sunglasses with bifocal magnification window in the lens

For cyclists that typically use bifocals or reading glasses off the bike, being able to read the road ahead and their speed on the computer can be a challenge.

Enter Dual Eyewear, the first cycling specific sunglasses that have a built in magnification section at the bottom of the lens to help put things closer to the rider into clear view. Offering magnification windows of 1.5x, 2.0x and 2.5x, the lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate and offer 100% UV protection. They’re available in three styles, the V6 (above, shown with brown lenses), the S4 and the half-framed SL2. All three are available with gray or brown lenses and all use a grippy rubber on the nose and temple to keep them in place. Perhaps the best part is the MSRP, just $49.95.

These were actually introduced back at Interbike, so you may have seen them already. What’s new since then are clear and amber replacement lenses for varying light conditions. Peep ’em after the break along with the other styles…

Dual Eyewear bifocal cycling and sport sunglasses with clear and amber lens color options

The replacement lenses are just $19.95 per color and retain the 100% UV protection of the tinted originals. They’re also available in all three magnification options.

Dual Eyewear sports cycling sunglasses with bifocal magnification window in the lens

The S4 (above) gets an edgier look and full frame. The SL2 shaves a few grams and uses an open frame design, below.

Dual Eyewear sports cycling sunglasses with bifocal magnification window in the lens


  1. A certain percentage of your readers will have no idea why this is needed. A certain percentage will see it as a godsend. I’m one of the latter. Those of the former, you’ll be lining up for this at about age 43.

  2. Hey eyewear companies: How about more biking specific shades that are RXable?
    As the above poster said “You’ll be lining up for this at about age 43.” I’m 46 and I have to search hi & lo for RX sunglasses that cost waaayyy too much. Or I could get Lasik done and you all lose a potential customer…?

  3. +1 Mark. Even at age 25 i’m pretty much locked out of a lot of cycling sunglasses due to my horrible prescription. Those that do take my Rx cost a fortune and aren’t even typically the cycling style, they’re just eyeglass frames with heavily tinted lenses.

  4. This is dumb. These aren’t RX. I’d venture 99% of the people who need bifocals need a distance RX too. So these are a waste. What, wear contacts and then use these too? For what, to read a bike computer? Us old guys don’t use those dumb things anymore. We’ve ridden long enough to only be looking forward.

    Oh, and dumb too since your link is ww. broken. www, please.

  5. What an excellent price point. I purchased Maui Jim readers for $200 last year to be able to read my Garmin with 8 pieces of info displayed. Until then I had been forced to display only 2 and not read mapping info. Needless to say MJ not great in low light. Rudy Sports Readers way too expensive, where you would be looking at over $450 for frame and 3 pairs of lenses, these will cost you less than $90 for the same.

    Us old folk on this side of the pond happy to embrace new technology no matter what some old curmudgeons may say.

  6. Actually @Whatever, they’re not a waste. If we need bifocals, the distant vision correction is usually far less critical than the reading. That’s the case with me and these are near perfect.

  7. Sounds good to me – I’m looking for true RX glasses but these would work for me. I currently carry a pair of reading glases to use my cell phone and to read route directions.

  8. I just bought a pair. They work great. I have 20/20 vision for distance but need bifocals for reading. These glasses solve the problem of using my phone while on rides. Up to now I carried a pair of reading glasses but in bad weather it was a pain retreiving glasses and phone.

  9. Good evening,

    I have very sensitive eyes to air flow. I would like to try your eyglasses. Could you tell me if there is any dealer in the Montreal, Qc Canada area?


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