Phoenix Pro Cycles BMX Talon Frame

Bikerumor doesn’t generally cover BMX, but this frame couldn’t be passed up.  The CAD images look way too intriguing.  Phoenix Pro Cycles just released the Talon frame, constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum.  They claim that this frame is carefully designed for flex in the right places.  Phoenix Pro Cycles was founded from Phoenix Pro Scooters, a company specializing in top of the line aluminum trick-scooters.

The frames will come in seven ‘Class’ sizes and six ‘Cruiser’ sizes.   Among the differences between ‘Class’ and ‘Cruiser’, one difference is that the class frame is designed with relatively straight tubes to take more impact from larger jumps.  Cruiser frames, on the other hand, generally have a more stylish curvature than a Class frame.  The color selection of the Talon consists of anodized black, blue, red, and green or a powder coat white.  The frames, depending on size, will have a weight range of 2.5lb-3.75lb.

More images after the break…

Phoenix Pro Cycles BMX Talon Frame Top


Phoenix Pro Cycles BMX Talon Frame Logo

Here is the only picture of the actual frame that they have displayed on their website, but they should have some more posted soon…

Phoenix Pro Cycles BMX Talon Frame Red

If this doesn’t satisfy your BMX craving, Phoenix has a large selection of CAD images of this frame on their website here.


  1. No doubt the cad renderings looked tasty, but the final product falls short. I can’t imagine a bmx fork that will blend nicely with that design either.

  2. Hideous. I am embarrassed for myself and everyone else in the BMX community if we are being grouped in with scooter company designs like this.
    It is obvious that the people designing this frame do not know the needs of a BMX frame, and are merely trying to do something different and cheesy.
    Mid 90s Specialized anyone?

  3. To the BMXers out there: does anyone really want ‘flex in the right places’? I mean, a BMX race is so fast and over so quickly….who cares about vertical compliance?

  4. These frames were designed by Tom Floyd. Yes, he makes scooters now, but thats only because his kid is into them. As far as scooters go – the Phoenix ones are pretty cool. Tom has a variety of bike industry experience. He was the original marketing director at Fox Shox, owned a Mtn Bike shop in SD, CA, and he even did some time at Haro.

    Haters gon’ hate, but I always like to see people trying to build new things.

  5. Very simliar to the Intense frame with a variation on the seat tube. Also, dgaddis is correct, bmx racers want zero flex as it is a pure sprint on dirt that is equivalent to pavement.

  6. No such thing as “Cool” scooters…Im sorry but unless your under the age of 11 you got issues if you
    think scooters are cool.

  7. Apparently Tom Floyd’s kid is into flexy BMX frames as well, but who knows, “competitive 4-stroke” used to be an oxymoron in the motorcross world.

    Regardless, scootering falls well below even trampolining on my sports that I respect scale.

  8. I like it when people step out of the norm of cookie cutter products. Kudos to that.

    BMX racers slam their seat post and raise it high between moto’s for cool down. So…When the seat is slammed, you’re going to see an ugly, scratched up seatpost exposed in the seat tube delete area.

    Kinda defeats the intent of the missing seat tube aesthetic.

  9. The CAD render looks so clean and the welds kinda break that up. I’d love to see something like that in a carbon monocoque, I don’t think such a product would be all that marketable though unfortunately.

  10. So much wrong.

    That back end is snapping clean off when you case a 20 foot jump, what’s in place to prevent that? the bottom bracket is hideously unsupported and stiffness out of the gate surely has to suffer as a result? Poorly thought out. As pointed out above, seat post will be exposed at times and the finish is rough. Micro scooters are a plague on grass roots BMX and skateboarding – don’t think you’ll waltz into the bmx if you’re involved here.

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