Fyxation Mesa MP Nylon Metal Pin Pedal

Fyxation just released a new pedal, the Mesa MP.  This is Fyxation’s first metal pin flat pedal and it looks super grippy.  Ideal for Mountain Bikes, BMX, winter riding, and urban commuting, it’s designed to take a beating.  It features a wide platform, thin 15.5mm profile, and impact grade nylon material.  Fyxation claims that when this nylon pedal takes a hard hit, it merely absorbs and flexes around the object, as opposed to alloy pedals that don’t flex as much upon impact.

Derived from the Mesa, which has proven itself highly since it’s release, we look forward to seeing the Mesa MP in action.  The weight of these are 351g/pair, lighter than their alloy counterpart.  The nested steel pins throughout the pedal are replaceable with an Allen key in case of breakage.   The Mesa MPs have sealed bearings, but Fyxation states that these bearings are easily serviceable. Unfortunately, the Mesa MP is not compatible with the Gates strap by Fyxation, so no foot retention there.  But, if you value foot retention, the original Mesa is compatible.

They run $59.99 per set.  Click here to check out the Mesa MP pedals at Fyxation’s website.


  1. I can think of a few BMX/MTN pedals that look exactly like that e.g. Deity. I imagine their all made in the same factory along side each other..

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