Orbea Grow Childrens Bicycles

We love reading about innovations in the cycling industry, but children’s bikes don’t often make the list.  This time they did.

Grow, by Orbea, is a new line of bikes designed to grow along with your kids.  With a frame that expands, Grow bikes should fit children for 3-5 years after purchase.  The price for these bicycles ranges between $240-$330 (based on my Euro ->USD calculation).  Grow consists of four models sized for children ages 1.5 to 9 years old.

Details and a video after the break…

Orbea Grow Expandable Childrens Bicycle

Along with the expandable frame, the handlebars and seat post raise to accommodate for growth, featured in the picture to the left.

The four models are the Grow 0 for ages 1.5-4 (which doesn’t expand but is pretty stylish in itself), the Grow 1 for ages 2-5 years (right in the above image), the Grow 2 1v for ages 4-9 years (single speed not featured in above image), and the Grow 2 7v for ages 4-9 years (the left and center bike in the above image).

Word is they’re working on bringing these to the U.S., more on that as it develops.

It’s designed by Alex Fernandez Camps, an Industrial designer from Barcelona, who put together this video of the bikes in action. Enjoy:


  1. Colin, please understand one fact: 180 EUR does NOT equal 230 USD. It’s rather 180 USD as you don’t have to pay all the silly taxes imposed by the European Union. Just go and compare prices of things like computers or any other kind of electronics – you’ll be shocked.

    Nice bikes, by the way…

  2. Any idea if there is a trail bike attachment that fits these onto an adult’s bike. Just bought one for my 4yr old but want her to be hooked onto the back of my mountain bike so she can pedal for fitness but I steer for safety…? Thx

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